Our Apps

HabitMaster is a simple but powerful app that helps you build good habits. Be it a daily, weekly, or monthly habit, HabitMaster helps you track your progress and maintain your motivation.
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Deed Counter
Deed Counter is an app that can help you count things in your life and keep track of them. Since – as the experts say – “what get measured, get managed”, doing that can help you improve the aspects of your life that matter to you.
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Time Balance
Time Balance is an app that helps you spend your time in a balanced way. It helps you track how much time you have spent on different activities and compare them with one another. This way you can easily see where you have overspent or underspent your time.
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Resolutions is an app that can help you keep track of your new year’s resolutions. It helps you plan, do, and evaluate your progress in keeping your resolutions. It allows you to set reminders, check your progress,  and grade yourself.
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